Why Do We Follow A “Bright White Standard?”

Posted by ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists on Nov 24, 2015 3:36:21 PM

White - it is often the color most associated with pureness and innocence. In our case, white means CLEAN and that we are providing apparel and beds sheets for healthcare facilities around Pittsburgh, PA, that are PRISTINE!

After all, would you be happy staying or working at a facility that has noticeably off-white or gray sheets and towels?

If you are like most people, we imagine that you wouldn’t. That’s why we implemented our “5-Point Product Quality System,” which consists of following a Bright White Standard.

What is so wonderful about our Bright White Standard?

Well, you would have to consider what is so awesome about our 5-Point Product Quality System. Every client that uses our services will never have to fear that that the condition of their products is less than high-quality.

In fact, this system ensures that our clients always receive premium products, that we follow the highest sanitizing standards, our products are bright white, gowns are individually packaged and that we have our products tested by independent laboratories.

As you can see now, our Bright White Standard is just a piece of the puzzle.

However, why do we care about how white our products are?

Like we already mentioned, we realize that many people will feel uneasy about staying in a healthcare facility that uses anything but white bed sheets.

Also, consider this: white will not only give off the impression that you thoroughly clean your products, but that you care about the overall impression your facility makes on your patients!

And, that is definitely something that we here at ImageFIRST Pittsburgh strive to do, guarantee that our clients are seen in the best (white) light!