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  • healthcare laundry service washington pahealthcare laundry service washington pa

healthcare linen services johnstown paMedical Laundry Services in Western PA

It’s important to provide patients at your healthcare facility with an exceptional experience. The perception they have the moment they are admitted, even before interacting with a medical specialist, will define their experience.

While waiting for a difficult procedure, the stress mounts, and you want to make sure they are comfortable. The appearance and cleanliness you present, from the bed sheets to their patients gowns in Pittsburgh, PA, will all affect how your practice is viewed.

As the industry-leading healthcare linen rental and laundry services provider in the country, ImageFIRST goes well beyond simply dropping off your supplies. We establish a valuable partnership with your facility, enhancing patient experiences by making it as welcoming and comfortable as possible. Our medical laundry services around Johnstown, Penn Hills, McKeesport, Monroeville and Washington, PA, allow you to focus on your patients and their health, knowing they are relaxed and comfy.

At ImageFIRST, we promise to provide you with numerous benefits you can’t find elsewhere. From our cleaning methods, quality fabrics and healthcare bed linen and blankets near Johnstown, PA, we manage your inventory while offering fair prices. You will experience:

  • healthcare bed linen monroeville paA dedicated Customer Advocate. We provide exactly what you need during each delivery to your facility in Pittsburgh, PA, or New Castle, PA, managing patient volume needs and your entire inventory. We are more than just a driver or delivery service.
  • Confidence through AssuranceFIRST. With a highly-effective process and a unique Triple BioShield Protection®, a launder that provide the ultimate sanitization by killing over 99% of bacteria. A third-party will conduct a lab analysis to confirm compliance of our bacteria-blocking coating and individual wrapping of each product.

Healthcare Linen Services in Pittsburgh, PA

With our extensive reach on a nationwide scale, we provide exceptional healthcare linen services on a local level to your Johnstown, PA, and Pittsburgh, PA, area medical facility. We put you, your community, and your patients at the forefront and center of our purpose. We strive to be more than your average medical launderer in New Castle, Washington, PA, Penn Hills, McKeesport, or Monroeville.

Ensuring enhanced patient satisfaction, we provide you with everything you require to maintain a clean and sanitized facility.

  • Quality Patient Gowns. For a bacteria-free healthcare environment, all of our gowns are individually wrapped no matter the type of practice patient, and procedure. Orders are customized to accommodate the size of all patients.
  • Towels, Bedding & Blankets. All of our linen in the New Castle, PA area are soft, hygienic, and wrapped in plastic to protect against infection.
  • Uniforms & Apparel for Staff. Your staff needs to remain in comfort throughout their shift. Our lab coats, jackets, and medical scrub uniforms in Johnstown, PA, are all cleaned and delivered to your facility for your convenience.

Make sure you are providing optimal comfort for your patients. Their first impression and perception of your facility should make them feel at ease as they prepare for a surgery, procedure, or exam. If you need a quality national launderer that partners with you and is dedicated to making your facility as clean and healthy as possible, contact your local ImageFIRST team today.

What Customers Are Saying About Us

"We changed services to ImageFIRST and it made a substantial difference in our service. We found the service to be much higher quality and their organization to be extremely responsive to our needs!"

Richard B., Greensboro Heart and Sleep Center, Greensboro, NC

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